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Rawhiti Estate Privacy Policy

With regard to your personal information, Rawhiti Estate promises to comply with the Privacy Act 2020.

Quite simply, we will treat your information as if it is our own.

Residential enquiries

When someone contacts Rawhiti Estate about becoming a Resident of the Village, we will collect:

  • Relevant contact details of the likely Resident or the representative thereof (family member or relative).
  • Any other important information that might have an effect on the application process.
  • Other information provided to us either verbally or in written form.

If you make an application to become a Resident of Rawhiti Estate, we will also require this additional information;

  • Your health and medical details.
  • Your financial circumstances.
  • Any specific living requirements that you may have.

Employment enquiries

If you apply to become, or do become, an employee of Rawhiti Estate, we will collect information relating to your employment, such as;

  • Educational qualifications.
  • Your past work history provided during an employment application.
  • Banking, tax and superannuation details.
  • Personal information provided when you start your employment with Rawhiti Estate.


From time to time we might collect material that we deem suitable for the marketing of Rawhiti Estate, photographs of Village activities for example. We will treat this material with all due respect to our Residents.

If you take exception to this, please advise the General Manager of the Village.

Access to your information

Should at any time you wish to see the information that we hold on your behalf, please request access to it.

We will in turn make this information available to you as quickly as possible.

We will ensure that the information is only made available to you and/or your chosen representative.

Should you, or your representative, require any changes to the information, advise the General Manager of the Village.

Use of your information

Your information is used so we can provide you with the best possible care. The more we understand your needs, the better the care we will be able to provide.

If you are a Rawhiti Estate Resident, we use your information to:

  • Provide the specific care that you require.
  • Inform you of news within the Village.
  • Respond to any concerns or complaints.
  • Take any action we are required or authorised to according to the Law.

Our aim is to only use personal information for the reasons we have it in the first place.

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Other parties

To ensure we care for you as best we can, we may disclose your personal information to these other people and entities;

  • Rawhiti Estate employees.
  • Your authorised representatives.
  • Healthcare professionals.
  • Other professional advisors that we may use such as insurance companies, accountancy firms and solicitors.
  • Government and regulatory authorities, as per the Law.
  • Any other party you have given us approval to share the information with.

We will request that third parties protect your information with the same care we do.

Safekeeping of your information

We will do all we can to ensure your information is safe and secure.

We will keep to a minimum the number of people who have access to the information.

A final word

The management team and employees of Rawhiti Estate are fully qualified and fully trained, and all privacy policies are in place and adhered to, so that you and your personal information is protected.

Rawhiti Estate prides itself on treating its Residents like family.

So you can take a high degree of reassurance that you and your information will be looked after with the utmost care.